Poconos Best Senior Picture Sessions

Want the best Senior Photography around?
If you are looking for the Poconos Best Senior Picture Sessions you will find it in Stroudsburg, PA at Bender Photography. Senior portraits are one of the milestone events of your high school years. At Bender Photography, senior portraits are not your yearbook picture with your school photographer, they are an experience that you can carry with you for a lifetime.

Besides the excitement of choosing the looks that you want to portray, you can relax knowing that you will look REALLY great in your senior pix. Those pictures will stay with your family and friends forever. Our obsession is to make you look AWESOME!

Portrait styles constantly change. Every year we train with the world's best photographers to learn the latest techniques and trends. We invest in new backgrounds, equipment and props so you have plenty of choices. We also enter our work in international photography competitions, and recently won 2 blue ribbons at the prestigious Senior Photographers International folio competition.

For senior pictures that are fresh and unique, and project the real YOU - go with the leader: Bender Photography! Follow the links below for awesome photos!

We offer numerous session styles:

  • Traditional Looks - $75 Session Fee, 2-4 Outfits  
    A 45 minute indoor session, using traditional lighting techniques, clothing styles, and backgrounds. Some seniors dress up a little bit more for these sessions. More important though, is the "formalness" of the outfit and style. Simple, solid colors work best. These are the portraits that most likely will hang on your family's walls for a long time. For guys, we suggest a suit or sport coat - and girls - may want to wear a dress or skirt. Jeans and t-shirts are great for traditional sessions as well - but remember, the simpler the better.
  • Contemporary Looks - $75 Session Fee, 2-4 Outfits
    A 45 minute indoor session, with more creative and edgier lighting techniques, and more vibrant and abstract backgrounds. Dress how you normally would - crazy styles and patterns too! These are indoor portraits taken to the NEXT level! Expect the unusual, because these aren't your parents portraits.
  • Outside - $75 Session Fee, 2-4 Outfits
    A 45 minute outdoor session. Every step of detail has been designed to make our outdoor studio area ready for awesome outdoor photos at every step! Outdoor portraits should be casual, and so should your outfits. This is the session for jeans, shorts, khakis, tees, and tanks. The best colors to be photographed in outdoors are blues and earth tones (greens, tans, browns etc).
  • Downtown Session - $75 Session Fee, 2-4 Outfits
    A h45 minute outdoor session - you become the model as we interact with downtown Stroudsburg and all the urban enviroments we can use! With our mobile changing tent, you even change while we are on the go. These portraits require clothing that best serve your creative ideas! You can go with loud patterns, vibrant colors, and fashionable styles! Just about any outfit is good - just make a statement!
  • Super Session - $150 Session Fee, 4-6 Outfits
    A 90 minute session combining whatever elements you want! Inside, outside, downtown, you name it! Great for people that want a lot of variety and style, and for people who like to bring their props - be it a car, animal, or sports stuff!
  • On Location Session - $200 Session Fee, MANY Outfits
    A 1 Hour to 1 1/2 Hour Session at whatever location you want us to come to! It can be at your home, at your favorite scenic location, a stable, a local resort, a stadium, gym, or tennis courts.  This is a specialized session with you in mind. Please contact us further for this session, as there is a minimum purchase required.
  • Rustic Waterfall Session - $699 Session Fee, MANY Outfits. Includes Package.
    Spend 2-3 hours being photographed in and around a real waterfall at a private idyllic farm! The facilities include a classic barn, old stonework, country paths, fields and an awesome waterfall. Please contact us further for this session, as there is a minimum purchase required.
  • Bare Minimum (includes prints) - $249 - This is a 15 minute indoor session, NO clothing changes. With this session, you'll be photographed and order your photos all in one day! The Bare Minimum has a set package of 1 pose only, including: (1) 8 x 10, (4) 5 x 7s, 8 wallets, and your yearbook photo. Cost of session, including prints. (This session is excluded from all special offers)